Saturday, June 27, 2009

How Is Canine Lymphoma Diagnosed? (Canine Lymphoma)

Canine Lymphoma

Once you bring your dog to your veterinarian, there are several tests that will give a positive lymphoma diagnosis. The first of these is a visual examination by your veterinarian. Once it is positively identified that one or all of your dog's lymph nodes are enlarged, further tests are needed.

Typically, a urinalysis(diagnostic test of your dog's urine) as well as a blood panel test are used to assess your dog's state of health. After this, one of the enlarged lymph nodes needs to be biopsied to positively identify the condition to be Lymphoma. Once a biopsy is taken, a pathologist will usually examine the cells under a high-powered microscope to confirm the diagnosis. Further examination of the biopsy will give an approximation of the progression of the cancerous tissue.

Canine Lymphoma

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