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Symptoms And Diagnosis Of Canine Lymphoma (Canine Lymphoma)

Canine Lymphoma

Canine Lymphoma is a condition that will cause your dog to display several key symptoms. Especially if your dog is one of the breeds commonly affected by lymphoma, it is essential to identify these symptoms as soon as possible.

What Are The Symptoms Of Lymphoma?


This is one of the more obvious signs of possible lymphoma, though may be harder to detect in dogs with thick fur. Abnormal lumps may appear in the abdomen, back, armpits, or neck. These lumps will be characteristically round and hard (not soft, like the fat deposits that develop in some older dogs).

2. Lack Of Appetite, Vomiting

Your dog will be feeling unwell, and may begin to show a lack of enthusiasm for mealtime. More food will remain in the dish after eating, or your dog may lose interest in food altogether. In addition to this, your dog may constantly be “hacking”, or vomit on a regular basis. All of these are signs that your dog is suffering from a serious health problem, and should be taken to a veterinarian immediately.

3. Fever

Detecting a fever in your dog as a stand-alone symptom can be difficult, though usually in cases of Lymphoma, a fever will be accompanied by several other symptoms. A fever that is steady, reoccurring, or lasts for longer than 3 days is a cause for concern.

4. Weight Loss

May dogs suffering from Lymphoma will appear to be depressed, and may cease to be excited about daily activities. Rapid weight loss in your dog is always a good reason to worry, as is one of the key symptoms of lymphoma (as well as several other serious health conditions).

Canine Lymphoma

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